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Leverage the power of multi-module Cin7 Core software to take your business to the next level. We keep the moving parts of your business all in one location, while automating time consuming tasks, whether you are in retail, wholesale, or manufacturing.



Empower your sales team with all the knowledge and tools they need.

  •  Streamline Your Order Tracking
  •  Sell Product Without Stock
  •  Speed Up Product Picks
  •  Integrate with your POS
  •  Use gift cards
  •  Manage your customers smoothly


Optimize your manufacturing process, minimize losses and develop winning pricing strategies with bill of materials software.

  • Create Advanced Bills Of Materials
  • Quickly Estimate Manufacturing Costs
  • Address Production Issues
  • Disassembly
  • Additional units of measure


Procurement software enables you to make accurate, efficient and proactive purchasing decisions — no matter which industry you operate in.

  • Make Smarter Supplier Choices
  • Process Inventory With Speed And Accuracy
  • Automate Reorders and Backorders
  • Easily Upload Purchase Orders
  • Manage your suppliers smoothly
  • Forecasting

Material Requirements Planning

Optimize your manufacturing process, minimize losses and develop winning pricing strategies with bill of materials software.

  • Organize a smooth production process capable of timely delivery of finished products
  • Create a detailed Production BOM
  • Customise Production Process Settings
  • Capacity Planner
  • Scheduler
  • Create and manage the production orders

Warehouse Management System

WMS: the secret to success for warehouse-based businesses.

  • Every Feature You Need
  • Wireless Scanning
  • Guided Walk Paths
  • Real Time Visibility
  • Serial and Lot Numbers
  • Error-free Packing Process
  • Alert on Order Discrepancy
  • Print Shipping Labels
  • Streamline Your Put Away Processes
  • Start Saving Time and Reducing Errors Today

Job Costing

Managing your job costing accurately is a critical part of your business’s overall success.

  • Streamline Your Order Tracking
  • Automatically assign the inventory sub-account
  • Auto-invoicing


Our Pricing

Please note that prices are in United States Dollars


$ 349


Multi-channel orders, inventory, purchasing, packing, shipping, integrations, & reporting all in one system for multi-channel sellers.

  • Multi-channel order management

  • All core operations features

  • Warehouse mobile application

  • Advanced multi-location inventory

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • 2 Ecommerce and app integrations

  • 3 Users


$ 599


Comprehensive retail operations capabilities. POS, ecommerce, B2B, inventory, purchasing, warehousing, and reporting all in one system.

  • Unlimited locations and registers

  • Unlimited POS users

  • Advanced multi-location inventory

  • Workflow and approval automations

  • Returns management (beta)

  • 6 Users

  • 2 Ecommerce and app integrations


$ 999


Multi-channel orders, production jobs, inventory, and more. Made-to-order and restocking runs all in one system for exceptional coordination and efficiency.

  • Advanced manufacturing module

  • Capacity and scheduling tools

  • Workflow and approval automations

  • Shopfloor/operators mobile app

  • All the features in standard plan

  • 10 Users

  • 2 Ecommerce and app integrations

  • 1 API integration

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