Dext Prepare

Dext Prepare is a brilliantly simple way to bring all your paperwork together in a standardised, digital format. Whether it’s a receipt, an invoice or a bank statement, upload it and Dext will extract the data you need, then send it to your accounting software. So you get the accurate numbers you need, without having to sit and enter them manually.


Capture with Camera

Upload your receipts and invoices to Dext Prepare via mobile app, email or auto-invoice fetch.


Dext Prepare extracts relevant data, then uploads it to your accounting system.

Forward Expenses from your Email

You get all the figures you need in a standardised digital format. Oh, and the data’s also stored for 7 years using bank-level encryption.

Collect and Store Data

Dext Prepare collects and extracts your paperwork with 99% accuracy, then automatically processes it to your accountancy software. Giving you more time to focus on work that adds value.

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