Unleashed Inventory Management Software

Transformative Inventory Management Software. Achieve complete control of your products — and instant clarity across suppliers, production, inventory and customers.


Order Management

A comprehensive sales order management like ours gives you the ability to review and process orders and invoice customers. Create split shipments, email invoices to your customers and more with Unleashed.

Supplier Management

Unleashed accurately keeps track of supplier contact details such as addresses and phone numbers, along with their delivery history. Easily update product details if a supplier changes their product prices.

Multi Warehouse Management

Know exactly what stock you have and where it is located as Unleashed allows you to easily keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple global locations. Stock can also be segregated for reporting.

Maintain Stock Visibility

Gain real-time access to stock levels, cost, tracking information and much more using the Stock Enquiry feature. Flexible reporting means stock counts and report filters can be created for suppliers, product groups, warehouses, bin locations and more.

Set Stock Levels

Set a minimum and maximum stock level for stock in multiple locations to suit your business needs. Ensure that you always have sufficient stock on hand while keeping a lean balance sheet.

Sales Backordering

Unleashed provides the flexibility to meet your business requirements. Create purchases from sales orders, ship available products and backorder the rest from your suppliers. Once the backordered stock comes in, you can ship the remainder of the order.


Our Pricing


$ 349


Mid-sized businesses

  • Best value for 1 – 5 users

  • 3 users included


$ 649


Scaling businesses

  • Best value for 6 – 12 users

  • 8 users included

Large Plus

$ 999


Emerging enterprises

  • Best value for 12+ users

  • 20 users included

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Unleashed and Xero form a powerful business solution for businesses that want an accurate inventory management system to control stock movements in real-time.